Digital Hunter Outdoors

Digital hunter outdoors was formed in 2018 with our love and passion for nature. Hunting to our family and friends is more about sharing experiences and creating memories. Passing down our love for nature and hunting to others is our ultimate goal. We are using technology to aid in helping people find and experience their true outdoor passions with their family in friends.

Our Goals

To provide outdoor experience for the next generation teaching, strategies, preparation, and the thrill of the great outdoors. To unleash the brotherhood of the next generation of hunters to follow in our footsteps for years to come.

Our goal is to assist you in finding your next outdoor adventure. Connect Outdoor adventurist with outfitters in a convenient, easy to use platform.

  • Thousands of outfitters listings all over the world.
  • Connecting Outdoor Adventurists with their passions.
  • Experience a thrilling joy of what nature has to offer!
  • You're just an adventurer, or a pro hunter — you'll hit the goal.


Dwight Steward

Learning to appreciate something that we were given the opportunity to harvest and challenging yourself to do something you didn't know you were capable of doing.


Morris Hawkins

Making memories with the people in your group and watching each other grow as hunters while being involved in something that outdates modern society takes us back to what made us survive and thrive as people.


Harold Howard

Gathering for the pure enjoyment of strategy, preparation and detection. Unleashing the thrill of the tactical chase infusing determination, grit, and brotherhood.


Why would I use this app to book an outdoor adventure?

Convenience of many customizable experiences at your fingertips that are available worldwide.

How do I build and outfitter profile?

Please complete the link attached (redirect to outfitter profile)

How do I know the outfitters are reputable?

Preview the rating on each outfitter profile.

What is the benefit of creating a Digital Hunter outfitter profile?

Increase your online visibility across the worldwide web. An Inexpensive way to further market your business.

What services does Digital Hunter Outdoors provide?

Online marketplace that connects outdoor adventurist to outfitters/activities.

What is a cancelation hunt?

A discounted adventure due to a previous cancelation. Many of these hunts are booked a year prior along with purchase of tags. List of environmental agencies in the United States